STEP #3: Make Money

Are You Ready To Start Making Money?

Congratulations on making to STEP #3, you are just a few clicks away from making money.

Let’s quickly review what we have done so far…

In STEP #1, we connected your Money Page to your Lead System so that you can send automated followup messages with your affiliates links and get paid.

In STEP #2, we setup a bunch of different affiliate income streams that you can earn from and make money with using both free and paid systems that can make you low ticket and even high ticket commissions.

And finally, in STEP #3, we are going to TURN ON THE TRAFFIC and send red hot buyers through your brand new Viral Income System and starting making you sales and commissions.


Because I have personally selected my highest converting traffic sources below that you and use to send red hot buyers through your system and make money with. Here is exactly what you need to do in order to start making money today.

STEP #1 – Chose your Money Page link

STEP #2 – Put your affiliate link into your Money Page

STEP #3 – Order a Traffic Package from one of my sources below


Below are some of my top tier traffic sources that you can chose to send into your Viral Income System Money Pages, and then you will start generating leads and making money!


One of the best resources you can find to get hot buyer traffic to your Money Page is using the traffic network below called Udimi. This is a place where all sellers are managed by a 3rd party, aka Udimi, and therefore they guarantee high quality traffic.

Also, if you look closely at the sellers, you can actually see which sellers and vendors are already making sales for other clients. Buy an ad from Udimi today and start making money.


If you are ready to get more expensive, higher quality traffic, then I recommend using my personal traffic broker to deliver some of the hottest clicks known to man that convert into cash in your bank account. Click the banner below and order a premium traffic package from

Did You Order Traffic Yet?

If you have placed a traffic order and clicks, leads and sales are now flowing into your Money pages then you are complete with STEP #3. IF YES, you may proceed to the Advanced Training below…