STEP #2: Income Streams

Connect Your Favorite Income Streams

The most amazing thing about the Viral Income System is that it can help you earn from MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS, some of which can generate a recurring viral income effect, or even earn you big high ticket payments over and over again.

Check out the income streams below and get signed up for all three…

VIRAL STREAM #1: Viral List & Commission System

One of the major benefits of this system is that you can use other people’s efforts to get leverage and have them build your money getting email list for you. Plus, you can also make sales from their lists as well. And on top of that, this system also connects to multiple different income streams as well.

VIRAL PASSUPS – Email leads that are generated from other people’s efforts, and when done correctly, could result in 10s of thousands of free leads for you. Only available through the link below…

VIRAL STREAM #2: High Ticket Commission System

When it comes to high ticket commissions, there are two kinds…

#1: ONE TIME PRODUCTS – A product that you only buy one time, like an online course. The same person wouldn’t really want to buy the exact same product again, would they?m

#2: CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS – A product the same person buys again and again, like food. The person can buy this product over and over again because they need to use it all the time.

These High Ticket Commissions are CONSUMABLE, which means, that when people use the product you make a high ticket commission, but then they come back again, and use it again, and you make yet another high ticket commission.

If that sounds good to you, make sure you get signed up for this income stream and add it to your Viral Income System list of multiple income streams.

VIRAL STREAM #3: Free Commission Marketplace

I’ve made over $670K with this free commission marketplace where you can find some of the highest converting offers in the world right now.

And the best part? IT’s FREE to join and make money with.

You can create your account 100% for free and then you can use their marketplace function to find top converting offers that pay you huge commissions up to 100% commissions or more.

Make sure you get signed up now using the link below and start making money.

Have you signed up for your income streams in STEP #2?

You are finished with STEP #2 when you have decided which income streams you want to make money with and have successfully signed for them and become an affiliate. IF YES, you may now click the button below and proceed to STEP #3 where you will start making money…